Dalason Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Your reliable outsourcing partner


Design & Development - WEBSITES
We design, develop and maintain websites of any size. We also integrate websites with shopping carts, user logins or dynamic banner advertisements.

  • Design & Development - WEB APPLICATIONS
    We design & develop web based applications using PHP, MySQL, TYPO3 or OsCommerce, Debian Linux .

  • Custom Software Development
    We develop software as per the requirements by the customers. These include accounting packages, ERP tools, payroll systems, administrative & management systems and other systems. We can develop the above software either in Java or PHP technologies.

  • Art & Design Services
    We have an in-house dedicated team of designers to create the following types of designs: Logos', Website layouts & templates, Flash movies/presentations, 2-d and 3-d Animations.

  • Websites
    We undertake maintenance of websites and portals. We update the design layout, content, data and any other related information.

  • Software & Web Applications
    We offer maintenance of software including products, custom software, etc which may require continuous updates and enhancements.

PHP is the base technology for different solutions like TYPO3 or OsCommerce.

Mostly MySQL is the RDBMS in the backend managing all upcoming data.

Dalason is using Debian Linux on all machines serving webpages all around the world.

For rapid application development and highest customer satisfaction Dalason uses TYPO3 as content management system.